Prices for SteelCrest products are determined by four variables:
  1. The size of the product. Larger sizes cost more.
  2. The type and thickness of material used. Thicker materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) cost more than thinner materials.
  3. Optional features. Options like beveled edges and ornamental flanges add to the price.
  4. Premium finishes. Some products are available with premium finish options that add to the price. The added price is noted when any of the premium finishes are selected.

These pricing rules apply to our Gold Line of products. Gold Line products are available in any design, color and size.

SteelCrest also offers two value lines with lower prices and fewer customization options. Our Bronze Line is limited to the Tuscan pattern in 17 standard sizes with finish options of white black or brown.

The Silver Line offers six design choices (Tuscan, Square, Traditional, Renaissance, Corinthian, and Voque), 70 standard sizes and four finish options )Oil Rubbed Bronze, white, black, and brown).